Summer Garden Salad with Herb Goddess Dressing

S U M M E R ☀️Garden Salad with Herb Goddess dressing!

Produce tastes so incredible this time of year, am I right? 😍

This salad🥗 is rich in antioxidants and gut loving fiber!👏👏It also contains plant 🪴 based protein from the quinoa! Did you know that quinoa is a complete protein? Meaning, it contains all 9 essential amino acids! 🤯The body can make the remaining AA’s 😎it’s cool like that.

The goddess dressing is a star ⭐️ in this salad too. It’s herby🌱, garlicky 🧄deliciousness!

Fiber from veggies like kale 🥬 helps the digestive tract rid the body of waste so it’s not sitting 🪑 stagnant, which can be hazardous to health & result in bloat symptoms ❌.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Curly kale (4 cups chopped)

  • 1 cup organic plum tomatoes, halved

  • 1 cup purple carrot, chopped

  • 3/4th cup Persian cucumbers, chopped

  • 1 cup quinoa, cooked & cooled

  • 1/4th cup roasted pepitas

  • Basil to garnish


  • 1/2 cup vegan Mayo (I used TJ brand)

  • Herbs (basil, cilantro, green onion)

  • Juice of a lemon

  • 1 garlic clove

  • Salt & pepper


1. Prep veggies and reserve in bowl.

2. Prep dressing by combining all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and add a small amount of lemon juice or water to get to desired consistency.


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