Healthy Food


with a Non-Diet Approach

"Throughout my career as a dietitian, I have witnessed the psychological hardships and physical consequences of fad diets. The extreme modifications of these ‘diets’ often lead well-intentioned dieters to feel self-defeated when the restriction and/or omission of food groups cannot be sustained. This is why my personal nutrition philosophy stands on the pillars of balance and variety, not exclusion and deprivation". 

The 'calories-in, calories-out' weight loss approach has become obsolete as we have come to understand the complexities that impact a person’s weight. Reject the diet mentality and gain a broader understanding of how your lifestyle, emotions, genetics, eating patterns and medical conditions may be impacting your weight loss efforts. 

Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an expert in nutrition and dietetics who evaluates each client’s personal needs and formulates customized plans to help you reach to your goals.  So if weight management counseling is what you’re looking for, schedule a session today.